By: Sagar Malik

Your November Real Estate Market Update

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REAL ESTATE MARKET UPDATE - NOVEMBER November real estate results are in! Record high sales prices in November compared to November in the last 3 years. As you can see from the housing chart available below, average house prices have increase dramatically with the market. Source: Toronto Real Estate Board Here, we see that the average annual per cent change in home prices has been stead...Read More

By: Sagar Malik

Important Winter Home Maintenance Tips

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1. Watch out for ice dams. Ice dams are formed by the discrepency in temperature between the edges of a home’s roof and the upper regions.  The edges are colder than the upper regions as they have less of the insulation surrounding it, causing ice to form around the eaves. The snow on the upper portion melts and backs up behind a “dam” of ice.  This can potentially...Read More

By: Sagar Malik

How the New Mortgage Lending Rules Affect Ontario Home Buyers

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     It is important to sustain a healthy, competitive and stable housing market for all Canadians, as many Canadian families count their principal residence as both their home and their single biggest asset.      The changes announces below are meant to respond to the effects of years of low interest rates and changes in the way the market operates.     &nb...Read More

By: Sagar Malik

October Mid-month Real Estate Update

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REAL ESTATE MARKET UPDATE - OCTOBER Mid-Month results are in! Record high sales in October with 4,460 homes sold in the first 14 days of October – a 15.5% increase from the same 14 day period last year. Condominium apartment market performed the greatest with stronger sales than any other home types.   As a whole, buyer competition has increased, giving rise to property prices in do...Read More

By: Sagar Malik

10 Buyer Traps to Avoid!

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10 Buyer Traps to Avoid      One of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your life is buying your very first home.  It is a major investment decision and is also a big decision you’ll make for the advancement of you and your family.  And so, to assist you in making sure that you have all the relevant information you need to successfully purchase you...Read More